Abhish Antony - 1st Degree Instructor - (IKAEF) International Kali Arnis Eskrima Federation


   Training in Martial Arts since 2012

   1st Degree Instructor - (IKAEF) International Kali Arnis                       Eskrima Federation

   Kali Silat Evolution - 1st Degree Instructor (Kadua Guro)

   Kali Sikaran - Phase 2 (KSI) Kali Sikaran International

   Kali Self Defence - Student of the Year - East Vic Park                         (WA.HQ)

   Kali Silat Australia - Gradee of the Day - Western Australia -               June 2013

    AMAF Muay Thai - Level 4

    Authorised Working with Children Check by the Govt of                    Western Australia

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