Martial Arts


Q - What is a good age to start martial arts training?
A - Martial arts training has benefits for every age! 

Q - Is my 3 year old too young?
A - In our Ninja's program (ages 3-5), we focus on the fundamentals of the art and having fun along with developing listening skills and appropriate class behaviour.

Q - What class should my child/ren or I be in?
A - Ninja's are 3-5 year olds. Commando's are 6-9 year olds. Teen's are 10+years. Adults are 15+years.

Q - What is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?
A - Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a martial art and combat sport based on ground fighting and submission holds.

Q - What is Kali?
A - Also known as Arnis or Eskrima/Escrima, is the national martial art of the Philippines. A style of hand-to-hand combat that includes the use of sticks and bladed weapons.

Q - What happens in a class?
A - We start with a warm up, followed by learning techniques they can practice with a partner, and finishing off with a game or wrestle (depending on which class you are in).


Q - Can I do a trial to see if I like martial arts?
A - We offer 2 week trials for a small fee.

Q - How many times per week can I attend classes?
A - On a paid trial or as a paying member, you can attend all age appropriate classes on our timetable.

Q - Do you offer casual classes?
A - You can pay and book for a casual class through our website. Memberships are a better option financially if you are looking to attend more than once per week.

Q - Can I take martial arts classes if I’m not in good shape, not very athletic, or if I don’t have any experience?
A - Yes of course. We all need to start somewhere and just remember, even the instructors were beginners at some point.

Q - Do I need to buy a uniform?
A - You don't need a uniform to get started. Any athletic wear is fine, preferably no zips, buttons or pockets. After a month or so and once you know you want to continue, please talk to our staff. 

Q - How do I get started?
A - First step is to choose the day you want to start and book your trial. Once complete, you will receive an email advising you of what to do before your first session.

Online Shop


Q - Can I track my order?
A - Make sure you’ve entered your correct details when placing your order. You will receive an email with a link to your tracking details, once your order is dispatched. It may take a few hours for your tracking to update.

Q - I made a mistake with my order, what do I do?
A - If you notice an error in your order please email us ASAP with your full name & order so we can try to catch your package before it is fully processed.

Q - Can I place a bulk order?
A - Please email us for more information


Q - What forms of payment can I use?
A - Visa, Mastercard, American Express

Q - I receive an error message at checkout
A - Please check you have entered the details correctly. If the problem persists, please email us asap


Q - Where do you deliver?
A - Anywhere in Australia. BJJ Shirts can be shipped worldwide.

Q - How long does shipping take?
A - Please allow up to 15 business days for delivery. (Covid delays are unpredictable)

Q- Will my order come in one package?
A - Depending on the number of products within your order you may receive separate packages that may possibly arrive 2-3 business days apart.


Q - What is your refund policy?
A - Our policy lasts 60 days. If 60 days have gone by since your purchase, unfortunately we can’t offer you a refund or exchange.

Q - There is a problem with my order, what do I do?
A - Email us with your receipt or proof of purchase and if possible, a description of the problem and if possible, attach a photo.

Q - When will I receive my refund?
A - Please email us if you haven’t received your refund after 15 business days

Our email address: geminamma@mail.com