Floyd Perrin - Brown Belt

Floyd is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt under 2x World Champion Josephine Masiello.

Training under Jo, Floyd found a love for teaching Grappling as a blue belt, helping in NoGi classes at a variety of schools over the last few years. From these simple beginnings, Floyd's passion for grappling of all types has blossomed, and they believe that the opportunity to teach and work with people who share this love is truly a blessing. Floyd’s love of grappling and deep desire to improve and help others improve is the driving force and dedication to coaching at Guardians. Floyd strives to make the absolute most out of each and every session on the mats, be it in teaching, personally or competing.

Floyd’s style as a grappler has evolved over the years. It could be described as open and adaptive. Shaped by a love of all forms of grappling and a desire to be dynamic and focused across many rule sets and styles.

To Floyd, Submission Grappling is the future of grappling. Dynamic and open minded we approach the oldest sport in the world with eagerness and excitement to improve our lives in the many different ways grappling has to offer.

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