Kali Self Defense

Learn A Unique Form Of Self-Defence Through Kali

Kali Teaches Self-Defence In A Fun, Dynamic Setting

Both teen and adults have access to our unique martial art, Kali. Our veteran instructors will teach students how to use sticks -- one in each hand -- which will teach hand-eye coordinationdexteritystrategic thinking, and instill confidence! Kali is as much a dance as it is a powerful form of self-defence. Join us at Gemina Sports to get started on your first Kali class!

Through Kali, you'll learn:
  • Incredible speed, strength, and agility
  • Improved awareness and reaction times
  • Empty-handed and weapons-based striking
  • Genuine self-defence skills for any situation

You'll also get a great workout and have tons of fun! Kali is a great way for both teens and adults across Port Kennedy to develop a stronger body and a sharper mind. Our team at Gemina Sports will help you every step of the way. Join our supportive, uplifting martial arts community today!

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Change the way you think about self-defence with Port Kennedy's ultimate Kali programme. Through our affiliation with Kali - Art of the Blade, we're bringing high-quality Kali training to our community, empowering our members to live fearlessly, and bringing people together under the motto of "learn to teach, teach to learn." Take your first Kali class at Gemina Sports and discover the life-changing power of the martial arts!

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Gemina Sports is proud to offer Kali classes, which will instruct you in the traditions of an ancient Filipino martial art, due to our affiliation with Kali - Art of the Blade. Kali teaches not only hand-to-hand combat, but also provides weapon training that will give you the physical and psychological advantage in a real-life dangerous encounter. When you train with us here in Port Kennedy, you'll gain an adaptable, reliable self-defence tool that will empower you to use common everyday items as mechanisms for protecting yourself and your loved ones.

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  • Port Kennedy

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