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Zack's Blog #003 (Content is rated MA)

"Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star."

- W. Clements Stone


I used to be catholic, technically I still am on the books but I just can't believe in it anymore. Not that I don't think it's an interesting story with a diverse cast of characters, it just doesn't make sense to me anymore. I mean take all the child molestation and the whole history of the bible out of it, I just couldn't believe that some demigod died for my sins to the point where you can kill someone, say ten hail marys and it's all good with some big guy upstairs. But if I appreciate a girl's natural figure I have to feel guilty about it. Then I have told some old guy who hopefully left his sexuality behind a long time ago about it who is probably more confused about sex then a fourteen-year-old hitting puberty. How can someone like a priest have any opinion on people's sexuality when he has no experience in it and is more intimidated by doing it like they do on the discovery channel than a white suburban kid figuring out how to use the internet for the first time. I just find it all little odd to put me on the same level as the murderer and were both condemned to hell which sounds like a much more fun place rather than hanging around a bunch of weird gentiles in heaven, it all just seems a little crazy. 


Why would you give a creature the ability to think for themselves coupled with a serotonin gland and a drive to use it and expect them not to get a little silly, then you make them feel bad for being themselves. It's like this big man upstairs wants you to walk around in a perpetual state of disorientation until the day they die, it just makes no sense to me if you're supposed to enjoy life. You know if it's all consensual and nobody get's hurt to let your freak flag fly, you shouldn't be scared to be yourself any Instagram inspirational quote can tell you that. Really you shouldn't be scared of anything, every experience you've had up till this point has made the person you see in the mirror, good or bad. If you're unhappy with what you see and the character you possess well you haven't made the right decisions in your own development. Have you ever gone home and to sleep wishing you had done something, that regret eats at you like a fat kid at the sizzler desert bar.


 Most of the time it's some form of fear or past trauma that holds you back from future connection and good fortune like most people are so scared of getting broken by life. They forget how to live it the way they want too and brainwash themselves to be content with the mediocre instead of striding forward to the vision in their head. It's like people think there body and spirit are new toys that they don't want to scratch, they forget skin heals, callouses and thickens and bones heal stronger than they were before. Yes being hurt emotionally sucks and the broken hearted are such a lively bunch but it doesn't mean it's not a valid experience that you shouldn't go through, with the correct mindset every traumatic experience can be endurable. You ask most girls and or guys was it worth going out with a hundred wrong people to find the one the makes them happy and they're going to say yes. Being happy has a strange hypnotic effect to make you forget about the black sludge you had to stumble through to get there. Finding the person who does appreciate you is worth a crazy ex-putting a golf club through your windscreen because glass is way easier to make then a good connection, and that's what insurance is for.


 I've had to experience some terrible things in my life and it hasn't exactly been a normal road that most travel but it makes me appreciate the good things more. Surround yourself with unsavoury people for a week and you will appreciate five minutes of the company with a decent person like actually getting something good for Christmas when you're over the age of eighteen. Pain has only me made me stronger and maybe a little stranger but I'm just an individual, no two people are made the same on the outside or the inside as much as people like putting people in boxes. Finding compatibility is hard and you just got to hope the things you hate about a person make you laugh rather than put your fist through a bedroom door. Most people think I'm too confident but I think what they don't realise is it's just a mindset, the majority of the stuff I dribble to drown out the silence and to try and make people giggle. I know most of the things I claim to be aren't true but I'm just willing to fail to find out. I know if I want something I am willing to pick myself up after everytime I look like a lunatic because if I want it then it must be worth it to me. 


If you go into a situation thinking you're going to tear the roof off and kill it your probably going to achieve the fullest amount your potential will allow you rather then attacking situations with a confused mind full of doubt. Go by your instincts and don't think about things too much because we're not computers were animals of a different breed and instincts will lead you to the kill more often then it will leave you hungry. Don't be afraid to fail, just be afraid of not learning from them and not getting up, get the thing you want even if you look like a lunatic while you do it. Misconception is what the world feeds on these days, your perception of yourself is all you can go on in a society littered by individual opinions and imitated thoughts. There are no rules to this game as much as some people will try and convince you there is and the best you can hope for is that you die with a smile on your face, people wishing you were still there and a black gospel choir singing at your funeral because that's just beautiful. peace out players


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