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Zack's Blog #002 (Content is R rated)

Come on baby light my fire


motivation, everybody wants it but it seems nobody has any. Well nobody seems to be motivated to the things they really want to do or achieve the results they desire. Everybody has the reason to make changes in their life, big or small yet there's not a whole lot of results to finish the equation. I see and hear people all the time proclaiming about some great goal they want to achieve but as the days burn past nothing ever changes, except some excuse coupled with a defeatist attitude, like a fire that runs out of fuel leaving nothing but ash. Motivation is easy though, it's  reason to act in a certain or particular way.


 You see everyone has motivation there just not operating it in the right way. Everyone, I've ever met have had something they want to improve on, I've never seen or heard of anybody that is completely content at where they are. Perfection is a foolish person dream and is more complicated of a subject than why a girl is in a bad mood. I think that why a lot of people give up on trying to improve themselves is not necessarily because the work is too hard.  If you want to achieve anything in this life it's going to take a lot of hard work. Even those girls who won the genetic lottery, married some millionaire work hard, I'm betting dick doesn't taste like lollypop's and riding ninety-year-old isn't like going for a day at Disney land, it's probably more like playing Russian roulette because one of use might not make it out alive. 


Not all works physical sometimes it more mental than anything. Nothing truly satisfies to the soul and calms the mind has ever come without putting in hard work. So understand work is the very material that dreams are developed from. If you haven't realised that by now you haven't been paying much attention. So why do I think most people give up on trying to achieve their goals and this may seem confusing but they have the wrong perspective. There concentrating on this big end picture on how amazing there going to look or how they are going to be driving around in sports cars, and be the centre of attention. 

The reality is you will probably never reach that end goal in your head, maybe you'll get to something that looks like, but never a perfect replica. That's because the journey to get to that point will change you in bigger ways than the changes you think you have to make to get there. Have a direction you want to go in but not a set destination in mind, you'll start off thinking you want to go to Canada and end up in Africa and be twice as happy. The journey is always the most important part if movies just began then ended most people would walk out more disappointed then seeing a transformer's movie. 


The journey is full of life experiences that you learn from and your never the same person walking into an adventure as the person coming out of it. The cliche is a caterpillar turning into a butterfly but it's more akin to an elephant turning into a muscle car, the change can be that drastic and powerful. So stop concentrating on the big picture or what you want to look like or be like in six months from now, because at the point you are now that's pretty much fiction, like reading a comic book and expecting superman to pop through the door wanting a chat about world peace. Ground yourself, in reality, the only things you can go on are the things you've done and the things you can try to achieve which is more often a bigger list then people think. Don't think as if you'll be done once you've completed your goal, try to think you'll be done when you die, especially on any self-improvement project. you have to take it one month, one day or one hour at a time. 


Not every step you take is going to be a stride sometimes your going to have a quirky stumble when you're trying to losing a bunch of weight, trying to look like a greek adonis or trying to run a successful business. If you stop thinking of time as these big chunks where if I fail on my diet on Tuesday it means the whole week is a wash you'll end up achieving a lot more of what you set out to do. The truth is your going to fail a lot trying to get anywhere your trying to go before you start succeeding, I failed at hundred diets before I ever managing to stick to one, thinking like this has helped me keep consistent. 


It's kind of ironic that you have to think small to achieve big but that's the reality. It's not an about the big changes that help you get where you want to be, it's the tiny little ones that take days or even months to stick but once they do they become part of your genetic material, for good or bad. What seems small at first can accumulate into incredible amounts of interest over large amounts of time. The distance between to lines only increases the longer the lines are no matter how small the angle is. That's the only way to keep motivated is to stop thinking of grand plans but starting thinking out each small step, the devil is always in the detail. Don't trip over running before you realise your shoelaces are tied together, it really doesn't take that much effort to look down first otherwise you'll look like an idiot and the pinnacle of your life will be a youtube fail video. peace out players.

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