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Most people will admit that building muscle is not easy. You train, you lift weights and you eat clean, but the gains are minimal if at all. Other days, training just sucks and you leave feeling defeated and deflated. Or of course, there is the problem of being too sore to train a day or two after your last session.

Muscle Grit by GEMINA HEALTH assists with all the troubles you might encounter in your training. Recover faster, train harder and longer, increase strength and build muscle mass. 

What is Muscle Grit?

Muscle Grit by GEMINA HEALTH is a workout support supplement which assists in recovery, improves endurance, increases strength and decreases perceived exertion for an all over enhanced training performance.

Read our full product analyst to realize how this supplement is an ideal choice for you.

Health Benefits

  • Restoration of muscle fibers and building muscle mass

  • Supports metabolism

  • Assists the maintenance of normal muscle function.

  • Supports sleep quality and recovery after hard workouts

  • Increase muscle mass and enhances strength

  • Decreases perceived exertion allowing you to work out longer

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