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Martial Art Styles

What are the different types of #maritalarts and how do they benefit me? Part One ☝️

1. #BJJ: BJJ is a ground-based #grappling sport that’s focus in on submitting, e.g. making them tap, your opponent via a submission hold or a choke. The sport originated from Brazil and came to prominence after master Royce Gracie used it in the early UFC tournaments to dominate his opponent. #Jiu-Jitsu training involves rolling either gi or no-gi and why it’s looking like you are just playing around it is extremely fatiguing on the #body as you are using every muscle in your body. 

2. #CatchWrestling: CW is considered by many as a grappling martial art often focused on both stand-up and ground #fighting between two opponents. #Wrestling gained prominence in ancient Greece as an Olympic sport and presently has several different styles depending on who you talk to. CW is a popular high school #sport and a great art for martial artists to get into due to its focus on stand-up/take downs, it involves try to use various #techniques to catch a hold against the opponent a nd either force them to submit or pin them. 🤼‍♂️

3. #Judo: Judo hailing from 19th Century #Japan with a primary focus on throws and chokes. Other marital arts like #Sambo and Jiu Jitsu are actually off-shoots of Judo. Judo can be found in MMA tournaments and as an #Olympic sport like Taw Kwon Do. This martial art involves limited #striking, usually arranged in kata/forms, with all the focus on getting your opponent to the ground. Like BJJ it remains a popular sport with a full-body #workout. 🥋

4. Mixed Martial Arts: #MMA combines several different elements from other martial arts- mainly striking from Muay Thai and groundwork from wrestling and BJJ. Contact is common in this sport and one of the hardest all body workouts in this list. MMA doesn’t focus on the #self-defense aspect like other marital arts and often requires a high amount of time and money so make sure this is what you want if you are going to do it. 💪

5. #MuayThai/Kickboxing: While #Kickboxing is a blanket term used to describe any sport that involves kicking and punching, Muay Thai which originated from #Thailand has more specific features. Muay Thai allows clinching, knee and elbow #strikes in additional to kicking and striking. Kickboxing can be found in several movies starring Jean Claude Van Damn and often used in most MMA #tournaments. This art is also an all-body workout with classes either focused on fitness or technique depending on which gym you go to. Many MMA fighters use Muay Thai as the basis for their striking game and amateur kickboxing #matches aren’t hard to come by. 🥊


If you are interested in getting into any of these sports and need help pre-, during or after #training check out our website We designed our #products for martial artists because we are martial artists.

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