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    Martial Art Styles What are the different types of # maritalarts and how do they benefit me? Part One ☝️ 1. # BJJ : BJJ is a ground-based # grappling sport that’s focus in on submitting, e.g. making them tap, your opponent via a submission hold or a choke. The sport originated from Brazil and came to prominence after master Royce Gracie used it in the early UFC tournaments to dominate his opponent. # Jiu -Jitsu training involves rolling either gi or no-gi and why it’s looking like you are just playi ng around it is extremely fatiguing on the # body as you are using every muscle in your body. ♟ 2. # ....

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  • Coronavirus email 18/03/2020

    Hey guys, With the ever-changing circumstances of the coronavirus, Gemina Sports Kelmscott & Port Kennedy have decided to pause classes as of close of business today
    , Wednesday the 18 th March. Being a contact sport, it seems impossible to adhere to the required 1.5m social distancing rule. Through our last email we had an awesome response from members letting us know they plan to support us through this time and I cannot express how much this support means. While this time is going to be tough financially for me as a small business owner, your health and safety is more important. I do understand some of you will be in the same position as I and will need to pause your membership, ....

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