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Mitchell Doulton Kids Martial Arts Instructor

Mitchell Doulton

Mitch started his martial arts journey with freestyle karate, after spending almost a year doing karate, he moved on to Muay Thai, MMA and BJJ at Octagon Mixed Martial Arts where he earnt his Blue belt in BJJ under Aaron Cadd. After seeing teaching qualities in Mitch, Aaron Cadd became his mentor and brought him on board to show him the ropes. Over the years Mitch has taught numerous different martial arts, MMA, Kickboxing, Bujinkan and BJJ. Now almost 4 years later, Mitch has made his way full circle to work under Aaron Cadd once again. Mitch has boxed and kicked every doorframe and wall in his house, practicing and obsessing over martial arts for numerous years and loves to share his knowledge. Mitchell earnt his Purple belt in November 2017

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